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About a few years ago, when people ask me which group member I would prefer as my favorite I would probably say Tom and it isn’t different now. I mean, he is kind of power in my personal life. I am not in love with him but mostly I would like to see him in any pictures. I want to learn more things about him, like his daily routines, his little unknown habits or what he prefer to use as his parfume, whats the craziest stories in his life, what makes him jealous, what he does when when he cannot control his anger or how he makes bad jokes, even how much he swears a day. (may sound pathetic) His posture, face and opinions give me lots of energy and strength and I actually cant explain what it exactly make me feel like. And I am not sure if I can love someone like this much who actually even doesn’t know I am exist.

Just wanted to throw this away from my mind. 

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Normal people:No human is able to walk with such heels!

Bill: Oh, you don’t know me. I’m not human.

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*looking at my face*: oh my god why
*trying to exercise*: oh my god why
*looking at my life*: oh my god why
*looking at my music taste*: cool man

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awwww *Q*

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haha *-*

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